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Our Story

The Association for Women in Events was founded in 2015 by 5 professional women in the events sector.  The founders wanted the vision of the organization to be centered around a central inclusive place for all women to find resources, mentorship, and career guidance/enhancement.  In summer of 2015 a board of 25 was put in to place to develop and guide the mission of the organization.

Membership opened in January 2016 for men and women in all facets of the event and hospitality community. AWE is a registered 501(c)3 organization.

The Future

AWE Membership is focused on career enhancement. AWE has hosted many in person events around the country in 2016, along with online member only webinars and discussions. AWE is also offering great membership benefits such as the immediate coaching program, sponsorship circle, and access to the member database filled with exceptional men and women. We are always looking for volunteers and to hear from you about what you want to see out of AWE so we can make it great. 


View the 2016-2019 AWE Strategic Plan