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Sexual Harassment

Events Industry Sexual Harassment Task Force

Check back on this page for coalition updates


The Association for Women in Events (AWE), a not-for-profit organization supporting gender equality and
diversity in the events industry, has joined forces with several industry leaders to combat sexual
harassment. The coalition, comprised of leaders and executives from ASAE, AWE, EIC, IAEE, IMEX,
JMIC, MPI, PCMA and SITE, was formed to gather everyone behind a common goal: eradicate sexual
harassment in the events industry. Each of these groups have been addressing sexual harassment
separately and determined that this issue required policies that span beyond the confines of each
individual organization. In the wake of movements like TimesUp and MeToo, every industry must take
action to create positive change and end sexual harassment, once and for all. The coalition recognizes
that when it comes to these ethical concerns and human rights, we are StrongerTogether. The coalition
will identify tools and develop new resources to assist in educating individuals and the events industry
about sexual harassment.

The individuals who have come forward to join this task force are as follows (name, title, organization):

  •  Susan Robertson, CAE, Executive Vice President, ASAE
  •  Bob Skelton, Chief Administration Officer, ASAE
  •  Kiki J. Fox, President & Co-Founder, AWE
  • Carrie Abernathy, CMP, CEM, CSEP, Past-President & Co-Founder, AWE
  • Johnnie White, MBA, CAE, CMP, Treasurer, AWE
  • Julie Sullivan, CMP, CEM, CTA, Vice President, AWE
  • Nicole Unger, CMP, Secretary, AWE
  • Karen Kotowski, CAE, CMP, CEO, EIC
  • Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE, COO, IAEE
  • Carina Bauer, CEO, IMEX
  • Rod Cameron, Program Management, JMIC
  • Amanda Armstrong, Chair, MPI
  • Nicole Edmund, Vice President of Community, MPI
  • Sherrif Karamat, CAE, President & CEO, PCMA
  • Rhonda Brewer, Immediate Past President, SITE

Carrie Abernathy, CMP, CEM, CSEP, Past-President & Co-Founder of the Association for Women in
Events, and Kiki J. Fox, President & Co-Founder of the Association for Women in Events, gathered these
industry leaders for regular meetings of discussion and direction. Ms. Fox is organizing action items and
driving this initiative. The group’s next step is to release a webinar that introduces experts on the subject
matter. AWE will also be adding this topic to the events and education presented to AWE members.
“It's imperative that our organizations present a united front against sexual harassment in the industry.
Together, we are declaring zero tolerance for behavior that harasses or discriminates," said Fox.

Media Contact: Kelsey Dixon

All nine organizations involved will post more details of upcoming education and initiatives around this
subject to their respective website homepages. The coalition encourages the events industry to follow
along and participate. In order to create the best workplace environment for women, AWE firmly believes
that the industry must actively address sexual harassment and take all necessary steps toward preventing
it. For more information about AWE visit or email us. AWEwomen


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