Brad Weaber

Brad WeaberChief Innovations Officer
Connections Housing

“The meetings and events industry has and continues to be the fabric of my thirty years as a professional. Our industry touches and impacts every industry and frankly every person on the globe in one fashion or the other.  It has been a privilege to work alongside and with some of the most amazing professionals that any industry could hope to attract. 
Women are a major cornerstone of our industry not only as employees and attendees but also as mentors and leaders. It struck me that in my 30+ years in our industry I have only once directly reported to a woman, my current position. Association for Women in Events recognizes the importance and the inclusion of everyone in our industry and fills a gap as it relates to the growth, development and creating opportunities for woman contributors and leaders of tomorrow. It is a privilege to support this organization in the early stages and to be welcomed as an equal, a partner, a peer and a friend. 
I am humbled and honored to be an active participant and look forward to seeing AWE flourish and grow.”

Stephen Peeler

Stephen PeelerVice President, Development


“It is with great pleasure that I support the Association of Women in Events. I hope that my gift will inspire others in the association and hospitality community to contribute to this worthy organization. I am passionate about giving back to this industry and look forward to watching the next generation of leaders thrive.

I want to see a change in the conversation around philanthropic giving in our hospitality community. We need to increase our contributions to important organizations and related causes if we are going to truly make a difference. I hope that by supporting AWE, I will make a lasting impact on our profession and broader community. 
When presented with the AWE mission statement, I knew right away that I wanted to become a Charter Member of the Leadership Society. I encourage my friends, peers, former coworkers, fellow association members from organizations including ASAE, AMPs, DMAI, HSMAI, MPI, NCBMP, PCMA, and all event professionals to join me in supporting this valuable cause.
Our future and our legacy depends upon AWE’s success!”