The 10 Best Destinations for Solo-Traveling Women

It can be both exciting and anxiety-inducing for a woman to go on a trip, especially if traveling by herself. Naturally, you want to have everything planned out, but you also don’t want to spend too much time reading about the possible dangers that may await you. The truth is, though, some countries are more prone to violence towards tourists than others.

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To help you find the safest countries in the world for women’s solo travel, I have compiled a list of destinations usually chosen by women for their holidays. These are the best countries to visit if you are single and want to have an enjoyable vacation in a safe environment.


Of course, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ country, but Finland comes pretty close. This Scandinavian nation has made its mark as one of the leading feminist nations in the world, and it has managed to combine this with economic growth and prosperity without sacrificing equality or women’s rights. Dubbed as one of The Best Countries for Women by US News and World Report, Finland was also ranked No. 1 by the World Economic Forum for gender parity for the last four years in a row.

There is no reason to think that Finland is not a safe country to visit. Helsinki was ranked as the safest city in the world. With a low crime rate and an impressively high level of security, it’s no wonder why numerous solo female travelers have chosen this destination from all over the world. You can expect to find readily available emergency services in case you need help. However, you won’t have problems finding a taxi since they are usually women-friendly and will stop if they see a woman walking in their direction.


Canadians are often referred to as one of the most polite people in the entire world. They are proud of their multiculturalism and kindness. The country has even been called “the Switzerland of North America” because of its open policies on immigration, which has prompted many thousands of immigrants to come to the country every year. However, the vast majority of those who immigrate come for economic or family-related reasons; they leave behind their families and loved ones in their home countries and never expect to return, but some do. Those who return to Canada also tend to be treated like life-long citizens by the citizens themselves and the government. It’s a safe country with a low crime rate and a relatively low level of political instability. Still, just in case you’re interested, you might want to know that the most common crimes committed here are break and enters or housebreakings.

New Zealand

As one of the most peaceful countries globally, New Zealand has been ranked as the second safest country in the world for women solo travel by The Guardian, which placed it behind Finland. One of the biggest draws to New Zealand is its beautiful landscapes and natural wonders. These include breathtaking waterfalls and glaciers, as well as geothermal springs and volcanoes.

The people of New Zealand are easy-going and friendly, and you will be greeted with a warm welcome if you decide to visit this incredible country sometime soon.


When it comes to traveling, safety is always a primary concern for people who would otherwise like to explore the world but don’t want to end up in a dangerous situation that can jeopardize their well-being. If this sounds like you, then Uruguay might be your next travel destination. This South American nation is a very safe country and has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. In addition, locals are amicable. Their customs and norms differ from those of other countries in South America, which makes this country particularly interesting for people who like to experience the culture of a place before they decide to visit it.

The biggest concerns for female travelers in Uruguay are pickpockets and purse-snatchers, so it’s best to keep your valuables locked up while you’re sightseeing.


Switzerland is a small country, but it packs a lot of punch when it comes to safety. It offers its citizens great healthcare, a great education system, excellent environmental policies, low crime rates, and it has one of the highest standards of living in the world. It’s also considered to be one of the most significant countries in which to raise a family. If this wasn’t enough, the employment rate is exceptionally high compared to other European countries, and around 80% of people have jobs here.

Women who visit Switzerland can feel comfortable while exploring this country since they are known for being respectful towards foreigners and tourists alike. In addition, you’ll find that people are willing to help you if you get lost or if you have any other problems while you’re visiting Switzerland.


This Western European country is generally considered one of the safest countries globally, and that’s no surprise considering that women feel extremely comfortable when they travel here. To qualify as a safe country for solo travel, it has to fall within the top 10 best countries for single women. Austria’s high level of safety makes it especially advantageous for people who travel alone to visit since they will benefit from a low level of crime and a much lower risk of being mugged or robbed than those who travel in groups or with their families.

Austrian women are incredibly polite, and you can expect them to smile and greet you as soon as they see you. In addition, many native Austrians are very proud of their country, and they will be happy to tell you all about it, although their language isn’t too easy to understand.


The USA is a great place to travel if you want to make friends because people are generally very open and friendly towards other people and they don’t mind showing their hospitality and kindness towards visitors, which is shown in the various ways in which the rest of the world perceives the country. It’s also known for being one of the best countries in which to raise a family while at the same time offering opportunities for women that we can all appreciate, such as paid maternity leave.

The only thing that women travelers should take care of while here is to avoid traveling alone, as you may encounter danger and violence, but this is the case in all parts of the world.


This Scandinavian country has a meager crime rate and is considered one of the safest countries in the world for single women to travel alone, which makes it an excellent place for tourists looking for peace. In addition, it offers its citizens excellent healthcare, free education, good access to clean water, nature parks, and many other civil amenities that are lacking in many other countries around the world.

In Sweden, both women and men are known to be very polite and kind, so you’ll feel safe from the moment you step off your plane in this great country.


People who visit Australia will almost always have a positive experience because people welcome them with open arms and a smile wherever they go. This is a relatively young country that was originally inhabited by Aboriginal tribes. Still, today it’s considered one of the most prosperous countries in the world when it comes to healthcare, education, safety, and economic progress. In addition, it has been ranked as one of the best countries in which to live.

The only point that women travelers should take into account is that they should always carry a weapon or pepper spray with them when they go out, but this is the case in most countries around the globe.


Qatar is known for being one of the safest countries in the world, so you can travel here with peace of mind knowing that your trip will be full of new experiences and you’ll avoid any hassles or possible problems. In addition, the country’s government provides its citizens with free education, healthcare, and transport services offered to tourists who visit Qatar. It’s also known for having some of the best environmental policies throughout the world, making it an environmentally friendly country and a safe one.

Not every woman should travel alone – even if a country is considered one of the world’s safest countries – but many women want to make a point out of traveling by themselves and to visit places that they wouldn’t be able to see by themselves. So whether you’re a single woman or you travel along with other women, you must take precautions and avoid putting yourself or your travel partners in danger.

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