The 10 Best Destinations for Solo-Traveling Women

It can be both exciting and anxiety-inducing for a woman to go on a trip, especially if traveling by herself. Naturally, you want to have everything planned out, but you also don’t want to spend too much time reading about the possible dangers that may await you. The truth is, though, some countries are more … Read more

10 Ways to Stay Safe When You Travel as a Female

For those who travel as a female, the world is a dangerous place. There are many countries where women are not welcome, and there can be a lot of sexual violence before it turns physical. In recent years the internet has become a haven for people to share information about their experiences around the world. … Read more

Essential Travel Items Every Woman Should Pack

Ever been stuck in a foreign country with a suitcase full of clothes, toiletries, and things that you definitely don’t need? You’re not alone. Everyone has that one experience where they realize they forgot to pack something, and it’s only really when you’re in the airport or just getting on your flight. So what can … Read more