5 Best Rash Guards for Women

We have all seen those surfer girls riding the waves, with the sun shining off their glossy hair. It is a very attractive, if not daunting task to try and keep that lovely locks looking perfect all day long. One way to do so is by wearing a rash guard!

Rash guards for women are usually quite fitted for comfort, but also show off your curves (in a tasteful way). They will protect your back from getting burned and also protect you from UV rays being blocked. These swimwear items are generally made for surfing, but can also be worn by other water sports enthusiasts.

Here are the 5 best rash guards that can also be purchased from Amazon:

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Why Rash Guards?

The main reason that rash guards exist is to provide full coverage, protection and UV protection while still being able to make sure that there is enough coverage for modesty. A rash guard will have shoulder straps, a collar and possibly sleeves. They are very flexible in what they can do and can all provide a different level of coverage. For example, some may have sleeves that come down to the wrist; others might just be sleeveless providing less protection for your arms and shoulders.

When choosing a rash guard that has sleeves it is recommended to choose one that goes down past your wrists if you want maximum protection from the harmful rays of the sun. The same applies for long sleeved rash guards without sleeves; go for one with long sleeves if you want maximum UV protection.

Where Should You Wear Rash Guards?

Rash guards are usually worn by surfers, body boarders and other water sport enthusiasts. They can be worn under wetsuits or swimsuits in the water to provide extra warmth and protection from the sun. They can also be worn on the beach or under your normal clothes if you are out for a walk along the beach.

What Type of Rash Guard Should You Wear?

There are many different types of rash guards to choose from; one type may fit your preferences more than another. For example, if you want longer sleeves then pick rash guards with full sleeves instead of half-sleeves or short sleeves like tank tops. If you are going to be swimming a rash guard will be essential; not only for protection but for comfort. If you often swim then you might want a rash guard that has a zipper in the back so you can get in and out of it easier.

You don’t have to wear a rash guard every time you get into the water, as some people may consider them cumbersome and unnecessary. It all comes down to comfort, of course! Some women wear rash guards under their swimsuit or bikini and others wear them over their normal clothes. This is entirely up to your preference, but it’s still recommended that you always wear one.

What Should You Look For in a Rash Guard?

The main features to look out for when purchasing a rash guard are the coverage, protection and comfort. A good rash guard should have an ample amount of coverage; it should be full-length if you want it to protect from UV rays as well as from the possibility of getting burned. When choosing a rash guard there is a general rule of thumb: if your swimming activity will expose you to the sun or are under water then you should go for longer sleeves and full-length sleeve rash guards. On the other hand if you are very active and often go in and out of water (like a surfer or bodyboarder) then pick a rash guard with shorter sleeves.

If you have long hair then you should look for rash guards that have shoulder straps to make sure that your hair is not going to get stuck. Look for a rash guard that has UV protection, as this will protect your skin from harmful rays; the type of protection is up to your personal preference.

How Much Should You Spend?

Generally cheaper rash guards will be less expensive (duh!) and more cheaply made; however, some low quality rash guards are still available at very low prices, so choose what works best for you based on price range. Generally, rash guards with zippers and detachable sleeves are more expensive than without.

How Do You Wash Rash Guards?

Rash guards do not necessarily have to be bought new. They can also be bought in a second hand market or online at any reasonable price. Even if they are new they can be washed regularly in the washing machine with warm water and a liquid detergent, if you want to. Just make sure you don’t put them in the dryer as heat can damage them and make them lose their shape and/or color.

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