9 Expert Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchens are the go-to spot for all women, but whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, it’s always good to know some new tips and tricks. So whether you’re looking for something specific, like how to create more counter space, or just want to get inspired with an idea or two on what color scheme might suit your style best, here are nine of our favorite kitchen design tips!

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The Rule of Thirds

One of the easiest ways to arrange a kitchen is by using the rule of thirds. This simple system involves dividing a room into three equal parts using a horizontal line and where each part is located. The trick here is to position these three parts around the walls so that two opposing parts may be visually subdivided, so you have a sense of balance and symmetry in your design.

Rule of Third

The Triangle Factor

As with most kitchens, it’s imperative to include storage, especially in smaller areas. One way to ensure you have enough storage space is to create a triangle between the fridge, sink, and oven/stove, where three specific tools are located in each area. The idea is that if you place 3 common objects into these spots where they are the most frequently used, you’ll have more storage for things like dishes or spices.

Storage! Storage! And Storage…

Spokes or Radials

Another fun way to design your kitchen is by using “spokes” or “radials.” This system involves creating an imaginary circle in the middle of the room with spokes or radials extending straight outward from this central point. This design system is effective because it helps you determine where to place your most frequently used appliances, which are located around the center circle, and how much space will be needed to walk around these large pieces.

Use your Imagination

Accessible Storage Areas

If you’re looking for a little more efficiency in your design, you can use what is called “the 50/30/20 rule”. This rule involves finding the diagonal line that cuts through your space and then placing two opposing cabinets on that line that are half of the room’s distance. The idea here is to avoid unnecessary steps when getting tools or ingredients because these items are easily accessible.

Nothing beats accessible storage space

Maximize your space

By now, you’ve probably heard the phrase “function over form,” which means that if you’re looking for a specific design style, whether it be a modern or traditional kitchen, you’ll want to make sure your design includes a lot of storage or prep space. By doing this, you’ll be able to maximize all of the different functions of the kitchen and make it work for you.

Your kitchen size won’t matter if you plan everything well!

Speaking of functionality…

You’d be surprised at how much storage space can be created by simply repurposing old items. For example, an old trunk that didn’t quite fit in the attic could be used as storage for pots and pans or even placed underneath a bar as extra seating.

Out of the box thinking

Sometimes a kitchen can be difficult to get around in because of various factors. Still, by simply re-arranging the available furniture, you can greatly impact how you use your kitchen. For example, while one person might prefer a lot of height to work from, another may prefer more counter space for chopping and mixing ingredients. By using strategically placed pieces, such as taller cabinets against shorter counter height ones or stools at each end of the bar for extra seating, or even moving the fridge, so it sits on top of the cabinets for extra storage, you can help to create a unique shape for your space that is completely functional without making it feel cramped.

Minimal is always better

As a general rule, kitchens also have to incorporate a focal point, which can be a beautiful piece of furniture or art from the living room. However, in situations where you might be limited in your budget or don’t have much furniture to begin with, an accent wall can be a nice way to add some extra pizzazz. By placing artwork or even mirrors on this wall that is above eye level while focusing light on it by using large windows and doors that open or by using lighting throughout the room and allowing for natural light, you’ll create a focal point that will make your kitchen more livable without compromising any creativity.

Let your room do the talking

If you’re struggling to find the words to describe your style or not exactly sure where to begin, don’t feel like you need to over-design something that isn’t your style. Instead, focus on clean lines and simple colors, keeping the rest of the room neutral. This will keep your space interesting and fresh while still looking polished without really trying too hard. For more inspiration on how to design a stylish kitchen, please go here .

Speaking of styles…

While there are many different ways for homeowners to arrange their kitchens, many people who tend to be more creative choose various ways in which to incorporate ideas from other living spaces into their designs; for example, those who love the rustic look might use more of a barn-like theme and incorporate antiques and perhaps some farmhouse style furnishings and decor. On the other hand, those who like a more modern or minimalist aesthetic might like to use wood or metal accents for their kitchen design, bring in geometric shapes by using bold, directional windows and doors and make sure both the floors and countertops are all black.

Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to use it

When designing your kitchen, don’t be afraid to let things “be.” If you do this, you’ll be able to really think outside the box when it comes to how you actually arrange your space because no two kitchens are exactly alike. For example, instead of putting a beautiful piece of art on your kitchen wall, maybe you’d prefer it to be located in the center of your living room. Instead of using a coffee maker, maybe you’d like to create an outdoor kitchen space with an antique stove so people can enjoy your gorgeous backyard while you cook. The point here is that, when creating a design for your space, there are no rules except the ones you decide because these are the things that make each person’s kitchen unique.

Back to basics

Not everyone has endless amounts of money available for their remodel because not only are kitchens often used more than any other room in the house, but they are also costly to renovate.

A great kitchen design can completely change your home. It can make or break the look of the whole area. If you are working on remodeling your kitchen, ancient and outdated, you need to make sure you are doing it right. It doesn’t matter if the style is traditional or modern; any kitchen design will work well for you unless your design is extremely outdated.
I love this space because it shows how much love was placed into the remodeling and how simple I made it look at the same time.

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