The Best Lipsticks for Older Women

There are many unique challenges in choosing the best lipstick for older women. For starters, our skin changes as we age, so finding lipsticks that will complement our natural skin tone is much more challenging than it would be if we were younger. Our lips also become drier and thinner as we age, making applying makeup a little more complicated. These factors make finding the best lipstick for older women, not just a matter of taste but one that must be based on skin tone and lip shape.

The good news is that there are lipsticks specially formulated for older women available at most beauty supply stores and also on Amazon. While some may seem a bit more earth-toned than others, all of them will produce excellent results regardless of skin tone and shape.

Here are the 5 best lipsticks for older women:





Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer

Revlon Ultra HD Matte LipColor

NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil

L’Oréal Age Perfect Luminous Hydrating Lipstick

Tarte Lippie Lingerie Matte Lip Tint

Now, let us look at what are considered to be the five basic lipstick formulas:

Lipstick Formula #1: Water-Based Lipstick

Water-based lipsticks are more suitable for wearing less makeup or hiding their lips behind heavy makeup. They are also better for people with dry lips. These lipsticks contain less oil, making them more suited for very young women. They will not last as long as other formulas, however. The good news is that this formula has been produced in every color imaginable.
You will find water-based lipstick at most beauty supply stores and even on Amazon.
Older women who wear primarily monochromatic outfits or have remarkably smooth, even skin tones will find this formula to be their best bet.

Lipstick Formula #2: Creamy Lipstick

Creamy lipsticks are a step up from the water-based formula because they contain more oil. This gives them better-staying power, and many colors will look darker when compared to their water-based counterparts. They are not as drying as other formulas, making them ideal for older women. The one drawback is that creamy lipsticks tend to bleed into lines if you press your lips together even a little bit.
I have found that the five basic formulas above are available at most beauty supply stores and even on Amazon.

Lipstick Formula #3: Matte Lipstick

Matte lipsticks cover up any lines and imperfections in your lips. They do not contain as much oil, so you may need to reapply more often than you would with a creamy formula. This is probably due to the less weight of oil required to make them, so I find this formula more suitable for older women. However, if you tend to have dry lips, I recommend using matte lipstick with a bit of oil in it.

I have found that the five basic formulas above are available at most beauty supply stores and even on Amazon.

Lipstick Formula #4: Hybrid Lipstick

Hybrid lipsticks contain a creamy formula blended with a matte formula. Since these lipsticks contain oil and water-based formulas, they tend to dry much less for older women. They are slightly more waterproof than other formulas, making them suitable for those who live in hot weather. I prefer these because my lips look fuller when wearing them.

Lipstick Formula #5: Lipliner Lipstick

The lipliner lipstick is not a specific formula but the procedure you apply. This is usually done with a flat or angled lip brush. It is applied like a lipliner, much like the lipliner pencil found in the make-up section of your favorite department store.
If you have naturally full lips, you will find that this formula covers them much better than other formulas. I have found that this formula is available at most beauty supply stores and even on Amazon.

I hope this article has given you some good information about what kind of lipsticks will give you the best results.

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