Would you Rather be Stuck in a House with Someone you Hate or be Stuck Alone?

This question may seem easy, but there’s no correct answer. You see, it all depends on your particular circumstances.

Honestly, it’s not so bad if you are forced to be in a house with someone you hate. If that person is your roommate or some other non-family member, a little time spent with them will likely improve your relationship.

On the other hand, if you are trapped by yourself in a house, it can quickly become unbearable. If you have only yourself for the company for an extended period, boredom is inevitable, and the same old conversations over and over become problematic.

This problem is amplified if you are in a house that falls somewhere between being comfortable and being luxurious. In other words, it’s not an easy decision; it all comes down to the variables involved.

For instance, if your primary motivation in choosing would be that solitude, then being alone in a house would be the ideal option.

Why? The main reason is that you won’t have to deal with the other person you’re stuck with, and you won’t have to interact with them regularly.

Sure, they might annoy you if they are loud and rude, but it will be in passing, and even if the time spent together is unpleasant, it will most likely only be a few days.

For instance, if you live with a roommate and it becomes clear you dislike each other, you can agree to respect the other’s privacy and try to avoid each other. Or, if things get out of hand, they can always decide to split up.

However, on the flip side, if your primary motivation is that companionship, then being stuck with someone is not a good option.

Why? The main reason is boredom. If you are stuck in a house with someone that you not only dislike but that you don’t know well enough even to have a conversation with, then the time spent together will be very awkward.

If the person(s) involved are being forced to interact with each other for an extended period, then it’s going to be even worse.

Think about it: If someone is forced to be around an individual they dislike for a few years, it’s not very confident that they will suddenly begin to get along. It would be tough for such a situation to improve the relationship.

Would you instead be stuck in a house with someone you hate or alone in a house?

It’s a tricky question to answer. Regardless, I’ll leave you with one final thought: If forced to be around an individual you’ve grown to dislike, the two of you must find some way to resolve your issues. Because if not, living together will not work out well for either of you.